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love ??

7 Oct

I define myself “love is an amazing feeling”. I find loving someone is so sweet, because of people around me. I feel love is always bestowed as a gift without expectation. Is this right?? An incident, what I have seen in my friend’s life made me to think…. what is love??? This incident happened in my sophomore, to my closest friend, Roshni(changed) is so studios, pretty and very active too, she was doing her masters in same college and working on campus. She used to be very friendly with everyone around her, a single friend request changed her entire life, her “childhood classmate”, living in KS. For a month, she used to ignore his messages, and calls, from second month she started chatting, texting, later on webcams, addicted to phone. I am seeing lot of difference in her, not concentrating on assignments, work. Her GPA fell down from 3.8 to 3.2. He used to flirt with her, and she believed each and everything what that guy tells.

She went to KS, to meet and spend some time with him, in summer break. she stayed there for two months. After she came back, from KS, I observed lot of difference in her, she never used to mingle with anyone, looks depressed. Once I got a chance to talk with her I asked “whats the problem?” she suddenly bursted out into tears “I am a bi*** ” she replied. I was so surprised and she replied “guys are flirts, they just want girls,” and left the place!!!

I never tried to raise the topic with her, as I dont want to see her pain. It took her, a year to come out of the poison. Why do guys flirt for fun and plays with emotions? Why girls are sensitive and why they are emotional fools??? I feel love is plain, pure from heart giving respect to each others comfort zone, feelings, and emotions. But not only in Roshni’s case, I can see the pain in so many girls!!!

Is loving crime?? believing a person is wrong??