“It was an experiment in living” – 7days of my life

5 Jun

Everyone today is born to win, I am the same with so many aspirations and aim, I am trying to be polite to all my cousins and relatives who wished me “Happy Journey”, who counseled me. I am 17years old done with my 12th going for my Bachelors in “United States”. It’s on sep’3 2009, I was so glad and little bit anxious, this is the first time ever leaving my parents and coming so far. I’m equivocal in my thoughts and the journey is for 19hours, through out my nomadism, I was thinking about my life,culture and my cousins(with whom I stay in United States)and I am so anxious in my sense because there was a small dissension between my dad and his brother’s family.

I landed in JFK International Airport, and walked through the baggage claim, carried my luggage and I walked through the arrivals, to my surprise I didn’t see my cousins over there, I was so startled called my cousin, call forwarded to voicemail and I waited for couple of hours in the airport, I called my friend, who I met through social networking in college website, who I never seen before.She is an Indian, who was raised up here. She came with her brother and took me to their sweet home. I told all what happened, called my parents told “I reach safely” and gave my Friend’s number. This is my first day in United States and worst day in my life.

Second day, I woke up very late, and I asked my friend “Nitu” how to search for accommodation, she advised me to search in sulekha, a website for needs. I was so homesick and was being in the room, cried for whole day and it was so pathetic, I miss my parents a lot. I couldn’t even  ask her to call , as I am not so knitted with her. To night my mom called me from India , and I spoke with her for one hour, shutting all my tears in eyes, the moment is so painful, making her to feel I am happy and safe. I wondered for what reason “I came abroad leaving my lovely parents all alone there “? and that idea made me feel really terrible…. I felt “my cousins didn’t pick me in the airport” just because of property( an argument between my dad and his brother)…. they left a 17year girl on NY roads!! I felt “MONEY RULES THE WORLD” and “I felt there is no kindness around”.Image

Third day, I came out of my mood, not trying to live in the dreamy world and searched for a room, and made up my mind, thought about my “aims and aspirations”. I interacted very well with Nitu, shared everything good and bad. In the night I had dinner with their family, her parents are so sweet. when I was sleeping I thought ” My parents never encouraged me in social networking in, but it showed me how important to connect to people”. I found a best family and a friend, and “I felt two things stand like stone, kindness in another’s trouble and courage in your own.” I had a very pleasant sleep.

Sunday, nitu helped me in shifting my room, and the girls were friendly, I felt really happy and they asked all the details about me, I shared everything and they appreciated my courage for coming at an young age! I talked with my parents and made them feel secure, my parents felt really proud and cheered me up….. and I am so excited to go for the “first day of school in Manhattan, NY” and got the address for the subway and I heard some whispering about me in other room, by that time I am in a very deep sleep!! I didn’t care much!!!

hi”5day” !! Me and Nitu met in subway, went to school and I submitted my I-20 and registered for “AEROSPACE”, took calculus,english, aerodynamics and economics. Nitu was placed into economics and calculus, and we walked all through central park, enjoying the beauty of Manhattan, I thought world is so “beautiful” and for a sec I thought about my “heartless” cousins and reached broadway 5th avenue, we had some food and started to my apartment and I surprised for every small thing in “NEW YORK”, because the system is new, culture is different. I reached my apartment and the girls saw me like a “stranger”, as if they were seeing me for the first time. But I smiled and walked through my room ,  one of the “girl” told me to leave the room and I was so shocked and questioned “why”, she replied me “that they dont want to stay with me because I am young and came with a problem (cousins) “, so they gave me couple of days to find another room. tears rolled down and I closed the door, cried loudly for 10minutes, got angry, frustrated, calm down myself and I thought this is “HOW LIFE IS….” I didn’t tell to my parents, and I dont want them to be upset.

“6” clock I got up, dressed and went to school, first day of class “Economics” Professor is so boring and its like a sleep song and Its a flop class, me and Nitu thought to drop the class and I told what happend last night, she was so kind, that she asked me to stay with her in their “lovely home” and I felt so happy….. and entered into Calculus class, I liked it!! “6” I reached my apartment with Nitu and shifted my room…… and was so amazed of the “girls”(apartment) with a tombstone mentality and I learned never reveal anything about me to “strangers”, But I had a confusion Nitu is a stranger and Girls are strangers too, but there is lot of difference in people’s “MENTALITY”. I questioned myself “Who is ‘Nitu’ to help me”? I was pleased with her smile and peaceful mentality, sometimes God send angels , whenever we are in trouble,then she looked like a “cute angel”. I can’t imagine my life without her help in “NY”. Life is so strange , we meet different kinds of people……….!!

“A week” in NY …… !!! Life=Prayog




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